Weekly roundup: Brexit, BPS and British Food


Boy, do I ever talk about anything else?

On Monday 18th April the NFU will announce its official position ahead of the referendum. It will be the last of the farming unions to do so.

The position of other farming unions is as follows:

NFU Scotland: In

NFU Cymru: In

Farmers’ Union of Wales: In

Ulster Farming Union: In

Tenant Farmers Association: In

Country Land and Business Association: Neutral

BPS claims

As mentioned previously, only 87% of farmers have received their BPS payments. This figure is only 65% in Scotland.

The deadline for 2016 applications is only a month away, 16 May, so the EU is considering an extension. While this will allow farmers more time to negotiate the online system, NFU vice-president Guy Smith quoted in Farmer’s Weekly warned that it would have:

“significant, negative consequences” that would shorten the window for processing claims and cause delayed payments and disallowance penalties for Defra.

Buying British Food

This week the NFU has released an online shopping guide which shows the best Supermarkets for British produce. It can be accessed here.

It’s good news for British poultry and eggs with most supermarkets sourcing 100% from the UK. Pork is much less likely to be UK sourced, with much coming from the EU.  Unsurprisingly M&S and Waitrose come out well.

Top advice is to look for the red tractor, which according to Red Tractor Assurance:

…means that the way food is farmed and prepared is regularly checked by independent experts to make sure it is of a good standard.


(c) Red Tractor 2016



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